Thursday, 13 February 2014

nothing sweet about me

it has been months since I last update my blog. so since then, here's what I found out:

1. I hate salad. I cannot eat anymore raw vegetables after the 3rd mouthful.

2. My face is asymmetrical. My right cheek is bigger than the left one. Weird!

3. I only wear size 4, not 3.5, neither 4.5. only 4! Shoes I mean.

4. I've been in London for quite sometimes now, but I don't think I know London as much as I should. So its time to explore London!

5. There will be a tiny bit of chewing gum stuck on my teeth every time I eat it. EVERY FUCKING TIME. Annoying!

6. The telly will be on from 11am ALL THE WAY to 11pm on the weekends. Not even 1 min of switching off.

7. Trying to prove something that I thought is right was wrong, when my guts says I am right, and turn out I am right all along. Get what I mean? No? Me too!

8. There will be a warning of 2 days crazy headache before I get know what!

9. I look ugly in working attire, but what I don't know is that, I am not pretty to begin with. LOL

10. I kept repeating what I said when I am trying to explain A LOT! Feel like a douchebag now.

11. I spoke broken English when I'm nervous, not that I can speak good English, but its horrible especially when that conversation is THE deal breaker!

12. I also speak a lot when I'm nervous. So, SPEAK A LOT OF BROKEN ENGLISH *pull the trigger*

Lunch time is up!

Weekends is just around the corner.
So does Valentine's Day.
Have a good one lovers!

I'm holding on alright in case you're wondering

"just because I'm smiling, doesn't mean I'm happy, it means that I am holding on, because there's more to life than sulking and feeling sorry for myself"


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